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Competition Ends Midnight Tomorrow!

I would be surprised if you weren't aware that we've had a competition running this past week, as I've been whoring it left, right and centre, and the time has almost come to pick the winner. I decided to make the deadline a little bit longer than a week and instead of calling quits on it today, I'm going to give everyone one last chance to get their answers in. If you somehow missed the post just go here:

GameBanter's First Ever Competition!

And follow the instructions. It's a nice easy comp, and for the 60 seconds it takes you, a little bit of fun too. I should add, that so far the comp has had... 8 entries. If I receive no more, then each of you have a 12.5% chance of winning. I know, mental right?! That's how small this website is! Although I have to say, this week, what with the competition and the NeverDead Review, we've had the most traffic we've ever had, getting more visitors than the previous 3 weeks combined! So thank you all so much for spreading the word and continuing to drop by, I hope I can reward you all with more comps like this in the future. You deserve it.

All of this could be yours!!! For PC! Ts&Cs apply! Just kidding.



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