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Daily News - 7th February 2012 - Portal 2 In Skyrim, Quarrel Trouble and Psychonauts 2?!?

Skyrim Creation Kit Launches, Brings With It A Cheeky Space Core...

Skyrim patch 1.4 is finally live, and brings with it the Creation Kit, a method by which users can easily create mods for the game, and it also now has Steamworks support, allowing you to easily browse and install existing mods for the game in the lovely Steam interface. That wasn't all though, with Bethesda also dropping a little extra surprise: Portal 2's Space Core! The core will follow you around and, I'm sure, tell you all about the joys of space. Worth buying Skyrim just for this alone! and handily, it's on sale on Steam as we speak. Talk about lucky timing!

I'll not lie, this may be the greatest thing I have ever seen.



Quarrel Suffering From Being Too Profane?...

The XBLA version of Quarrel (which I reviewed the other week) has run into some trouble following a rather odd revelation about the game. The game, being a word game, is pretty reliant on words (duh!) which is where the problem comes in: Offline the game works fine, but online, Microsoft's word filter blocks a large variety of words, and not just the rudey ones either! Apparently words like "help" and "start" aren't even allowed, due to the strictness of Microsoft's family protection filter. It's an unusual problem with no elegant solution. A real shame for Quarrel fans and the people who put all the effort into the game.

I would wager this screenshot was taken whilst the game was offline...


Minecraft Creator Offers To Fund Psychonauts 2. Tim Schafer says "Interesting"...

In what can only be described as mental, shit has gone down rather unexpectedly today over Twitter. Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson out of the blue said on Twitter:

“Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen.” “I’m serious.”

Tim Schafer woke up a few hours later to a slew of text messages. It took him a while to fully wake up but you can see the brain processes in his tweets:

“Man, so many tweets. I assume this is all people asking for codes to Happy Action Theater and Rise of the Martian Bear?”

Followed by, moments later:

“Oh wait. Hm. This is interesting.”

Schafer has made no effort to hide his want to make a Psychonauts sequel, and the company has taken offerings from outsiders before to make games (Costume Quest was funded by the owner of website so this actually seems pretty likely! Giant Bomb's Patrick Klepek approached DoubleFine for a statement and got this back:

"Tim and Markus are talking. Who knows what might happen?"

So yeah. Get buzzing!

Admit it, you're excited as fuck!



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