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We Have A Winner!

Well, that's it, it's finally over. The first ever GameBanter Competition came to a screeching halt yesterday, with a grand total of 8 entries. That may sound like almost no entries at all (your own fault for not entering, grumpy!) but I'm actually really happy with the turn-out, especially considering the somewhat niche prize. 8 of you sat there and racked your brains, trying to come up with a funny, original answer to the question and then you all took the time out of your day to email me your answers, often with little notes attached justifying your choices, you guys actually put effort in, and it always made me smile seeing a new email in my inbox marked "Competition", but the big question is, which entry made me smile the most?

And so we reach the hard part, picking just 1 entry that made chuckle that teeny-tiny bit more than the others and that, for whatever reason, was the one that myh eyes kept wandering back to amongst the entries. and so, without further ado, I say congratulations! To Darren Carney, for his entry:

"Need For Speed: Segway"

Is it just me, or would a racing game based on Segways actually work pretty well?!? It'd have to be incredibly ridiculous, and brutal as hell, but that could be fun! (for an afternoon atleast) Once again, thanks to the handful of you that entered, and I'll be emailing Darren within minutes of posting this. Sorry if you didn't win, but hey, there's always next time!

I can totally see myself playing this!



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