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Daily News - 13th March 2012 - Diablo 3 Launch, XBLA Achievements, GAME Probably Closing Down and More!

Diablo 3 Will Launch Unfinished?

Diablo 3 has been in development for quite some time now, and it turns out that one of the main contributors to this long development time has been complications caused by Blizzard's attempts to get PvP into the game. They've figured out a solution though, which is: Ship the game unfinished and patch in the PvP later. It sounds ridiculous on the surface but it actually makes sense logically. The game will still have single player and co-op modes working fine and dandy, and it'll mean everybody playing the multiplayer, atleast in theory, will have a certain degree of proficiency with the game already. Whatever gets it in my hands faster!

Awww, I wanna kill massive that massive fire beast!



Xbox Live Arcade Games Getting More Achievements

As of right now if you download an XBLA game it'll have 200 achievement points, but soon, XBLA games will be able to have upto 400 achievement points! For someone who loves achievements this is great news! I genuinely think they impact my enjoyment of a game, so more points means, logically, better games! Awesome!

I got all the points in Pac Man Championship Edition: DX... Jus' sayin'...



GAME Almost Definitely Going Into Administration

Well things don't look good for GAME, as they drift ever closer to simply not existing any more. It's been on the cards for a little while, with Mass Effect 3 not getting sold there for fears EA may not get their unsold stock for thhe game back if the stores closed (a move that will have hit GAMe hard, being that Mass Effect sold a fucking tonne). GAME announced this weekend that if they could not find a buyer for the company then they would go into administration. It's a hard time to be a store like GAME, with the internet being cheaper in almost every sense and shopping around never having been so easy. It's going to be weird not seeing a game shop as I walk around town, but what's done is done I suppose.

This guy must be WELL sad at this news.


And Finally...

Batman: Arkham City Wii U:

Apparently the Wii U version of Arkham city will make "fantastic use of the touch controller." what that means, who knows?

Star Wars: Old Republic Free Weekend:

The MMO will be free this weekend, just go to here to register after Thursday.

Resident Evil Chronicles Light-Gun Game Coming To Playstation Move In June:

The game was previously only available on the Wii and took place alongside some famous events in Resident Evil history.

Batman... Zombies... There are moons in Star Wars... I've done an alright job there!



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