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Daily News - 16th March 2012 - Microsoft At E3, Elder Scrolls MMO, Obsidian Lay-Offs and A Nice Bundle

Microsoft Say "No New Xbox Hardware At E3"

It seems like Microsoft are downplaying the fact that there have been rumours of the next Xbox by straight-up saying that there won't be anything new shown at E3, instead chooisng to focus on the 360 and how it was the best-selling console of last year, having it's best year ever. Granted, it makes sense to talk lots about how great the 360 is doing, but hearing there will be no massive new Xbox console news at E3 is a bummer... unless they're fucking with us, which let's be honest, is totally possible.

So long as they don't scale back on the production values, I'm happy.



Apparently An Elder Scrolls MMO Is Coming

According to a few unnamed sources, we can be expecting an announcement regarding an Elder Scrolls MMO sometime in May. Supposedly the game will take place WAY before Skyrim and will feature 3 factions represented by a lion, a dragon and a bird of prey. Should be interesting!

If I can be question online and walk past stuff like this, I'll be very happy



Obsidian Screwed Over, Forced to Make Lay-Offs

The team that made Fallout: New Vegas have suffered some firings recently, which is a massive shame, until you here why. Turns out Obsidian worked on an agreement that meant they received no royalties from game sales, instead getting payed to make the game, with a promise of a bonus if the game received an 85+ on Metacritic. If you visit Metacritic for yourself right now you'll notice the game's average score: 84. Because of this, Bethesda refused to pay Obsidian their bonus, and with no royalties from game sales the company was forced to offoad staff in order to stay stable financially. Not cool. Not cool at all.

[Update] - This image sums the situation up nicely

New Vegas was a good game! Sucks that Obsidian be penalised jobs for 1 single point on Metacritic


And Finally...

St. Patrick's Day Indie Bundle Is A Thing That's Happening... Right Now

I always try to keep you guys informed of all the latest indie bundles, and this one is, definitely, one of those. Hard Reset seems like a bit of a gem alone for that price, let alone with 3 other games. I would advise that you get on that as fast as is humanly possible... or you know, whenever you get round to it.

St. Patrick's Day Humble Indie Bundle

This is Hard Reset... See! Not bad for £3, right?!



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