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Daily News - 21st March 2012 - GAME No More, SW:TOR Free Weekend, Bioshock Inifinite News and More!

GAME Entering Administration

GAME's financial troubles have finally reached their peak, with the company's stock today being refused by the market... which I assume is bad. Basically, the company will now have to enter administration, selling everything off to pay any money they owe for rent and shizzle, unless they're bought that is. It seems like Gamestop might be interested, but there are ALOT of GAMEs around, it probably wouldnlt be a cheap aqcuisition. Just get yourselves ready for the insane closing down sales!!!

Say goodbye to the familiar purple shopfront. Gonna be weird...



Star Wars: The Old Republic Having Another Free Weekend

Old Republic had a free weekend last weekend, and it must have been pretty successful because they're planning another. Well, I say planning because it technically starts tonight, in America that is. 10pm in America means probably about 2 in the morning for us, so if you're up then enjoy, and if not just start it downloading before you leave for work and have a go on Firday night. The "demo" will allow you play up until level 15, and is only available to you if you didn't play in last week's free weekend.

I'm a sucker for MMOs and free things, so count me in, Bioware!



One Level Of Bioshock Inifinite Contains More Dialogue Than Entire Of The Original Bioshock

We all know Bioshock Infinite will look to push the envelope as much as it can, but little did we know just how all-out Take Two were going. Bioshock Infinite has the added benefit of being a "buddy" game, with that woman with the (as regular commenter Luke D puts it) "cartoon tits" following the player round and conversing with them. Frankly I find this news the most interesting thing about Infinite I've heard so far. I didn't like the original Bioshock, but this sounds like just the massive difference from those games that could get me interested. We shall see...

Cartoon tits indeed!


And Finally...

Zuma Revenge Coming To XBLA

No release date yet, but the game will cost 800 Microsoft Points (just over £6)

Walking Dead Adventure Game Trailer

Telltale's upcoming Walking Dead game, based off the comics, had a trailer. Watch it here.

New Simcity Trailer Shows Off New Engine

Simcity fans rejoice, and check out the trailer here.

Mass Effect 3 Ending Getting "Revised"

I'll be reporting on this more when I complete the game for myself, but the story's out there if you wanna read more.

iPlayer Launched on Xbox 360

If you have an Xbox you'll probably know this already, but iPlayer is now available over Xbox Live.

A search for "zuma zombies iplayer mass effect simcity" turned up this guy... so enjoy that



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