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Overdue Daily News - 11th April 2012 - New Resident Evil 6 Trailer, Mass Effect 3 "Falsely Advertised" and More!

Resident Evil 6 Gets New Trailer, Brings Release Date Forward

Resident Evil has become, in it's past 2 installments, one of my favourite franchises. The style of action they deliver coupled with the tactics, gun-levelling and treasure hunting has tickled my fancy like you wouldn't believe. Resident Evil 6 looks set to change the formula now, which probably means an end to the campy money-collecting, gun-buying, "What're ya buying?" stuff which makes me sad, but everything I've seen of it has made me wet... in the mouth with anticipation. In the newest trailer we see Wesker's son, Chris and Leon kicking the fuck out of each other and that they've moved the release date forward 6 weeks! What's not to like?!?



Better Business Bureau Decides Against Mass Effect 3

I think it's fair to say Mass Effect 3's ending controversy has spread further and wider than the typical gaming circles, with stories on regular news websites picking up on the outrage. You could argue that the bad press isn't great for the public's perception of gaming as a whole, but personally I think that any press is good press for gaming... Though not necessarily for Bioware. Today's "fuck Mass Effect 3" news follows on from enquiries by gamers towards the The Better Business Bureau as to whether the game failed to make on promises made in the promotion to the game, in essence, false advertising. Well the BBB Blog had the following to say on the matter, citing the quote below from the game's pre-release marketing:

 “Experience the beginning, middle, and end of an emotional story unlike any other, where the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome”.


"The issue at stake here is, did Bio Ware falsely advertise?  Technically, yes, they did.  In the first bullet point, where it states “the decisions you make completely shape your experience”, there is no indecision in that statement.  It is an absolute."

So this doesn't sound good. Basically the BBB decree that Bioware lied about Mass Effect 3, falsely advertising the product. There's no word yet about what, if any, consequences this will have, but you can be sure I'll post a news story about it many days after it happens. Ugh, I need to step my game up...

"somebody wanna tell Shepard about this Better Business Bureau thing?... Nevermind, he already knows."


And more...

Molyneux Was Not Satisfied At Microsoft

He didn't hate Microsoft, just wished for more danger. "I was in a creative padded cell... I felt like I was being suffocated creatively a little bit"

Crysis 3 Announced

Game will be available on PS3, PC and Xbox 360. No release date yet.

Bulletsorm 2 Not Forgotten

Work on a sequel had started but had been cancelled. Epic promise it will happen one day though.

Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition Announced

Will contain DLC for the game, an art book and a documentary.

Yes, gimme more Bulletstorm! Hook it up directly to my veins!



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