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Daily News - 15th April 2012 - Mass Effect 3 Patch Fail, New God Of War Teased, Valve Working On A Console? And More!

Mass Effect 3 Patch Screwing Some People Over

Oh Bioware, you poor company, when will you catch a break? So remember how early on, even before the ending stuff was a thing, people had a problem importing faces from older Mass Effect games? Well Bioware patched that last week.... Sort of. It turns out that since that patch, some Mass Effect 3 players have been reporting problems with, well, playing the game entirely on Xbox 360. The patch bug makes the game unable to progress to the title screen during the "Connecting to EA servers" step of starting up the game, kicking you back to the disc start-up creating a loop of pain. It's been a tough month for Bioware, this must feel like a swift kick to the backside, frontside and teeth all at once. Free hugs from me, Bioware.

I already used this last week, but I feel it remains appropriate.



New God Of War Game Announced On Playstation Fan Page

It's fair to say God Of War is a pretty big deal at this point, and any new game in the series is bound to be a good money maker for Sony, so it's not surprising to hear than another entry in the series is indeed on the way. The game was teased on the Playstation Facebook fan page, and we'll probably get more info about it next week. The last game in the series had a secret ending which implied the series could definitely continue, though I'm fairly certain Kratos has basicaly run out of gods to fuck up at this point.

Only a couple of days to wait!



Valve Maybe Working On A "Steam Box"

Fairly self explanitory here. Valve, the all powerful PC game distributor, are looking like they wanna have a box to stick in your living room, after posting a job listing for an electronics engineer to help work on "whole new gaming experiences". According to the job listing the duties of the person they employ will be to:

"Work with the hardware team to conceive, design, evaluate, and produce new types of input, output, and platform hardware."

Definitely screams to me that they're making a console, but that maybe it'll be a holodeck/dreamatorium type thing, who knows, only Gabe Newell knows for sure... (cue picture of Gabe Newell).

Brow furrowed, he contemplated new ways to change gaming forever. No pressure, Gabe.


And Finally...

No Mass Effect 3 Events On PS3, Sony's Fault

Playstation owners don't get play the weekend ME3 events because Sony won't allow it.

Resident Evil 6 Brings Back Mercenaries (Yay!)

Some retailer exclusive maps are already announced though: the Catacombs, High Seas Fortress and Rail Yard.

Super Mario 4 Domain Registered By Nintendo

A true sequel to Super Mario Bros 3?!? Fingers crossed!

Pokemon Black And White 2 Brings The Newness

The game will contain new cities and characters, aswell as new gym leaders.

Skyrim Actually Getting Kinect Voice Support

Say "Fus-Ro-Dah" to mother fucking Fus-Ro-dah!.

Good advice!



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