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Daily News - 18th April 2012 - Dead Space 3 Outed, Trials Evolution Level Editor "A Beast" and Lots More!

Dead Space 3 Is A Thing That's Happening

It's always iffy to report on a game that hasn't even been announced yet, but this is one rumour that has some weight to it. Not only has it been long enough since the last Dead Space that it makes sense for number 3, but the site that leaked the info, allowing you to pre-order the game, is South African site BT Games, leakers of such eventual true things as Jak And Daxter HD Collection and Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer mode. It definitely feels like an appropriate time to see Isaac slice some arms and alien willies off, plus Dead Space was apparently pretty good too. Bring on Dead Space: The Third!

I don't know much about Dead Space, but I'm gonna guess these two aren't friends



Trials Evolution Has A Pretty Incredible Level Editor, Apparently

I'll leave this story up to Trials Evolution's Creative Director, Antti Ilvessuo. He can say it better than I can:

"It's really a beast. We don't know the limits yet.

Obviously, you cannot create something like a brand new MMORPG with spaceships or a real-time strategy game with one thousand units controlled by an AI… but if you like to make physics-based games, and from that make shooting games, driving games, puzzle games, arcade games, the upper limits have yet to be explored.

If you think about it, a first-person shooter is basically physics - the actors move around the world, and fire small projectiles at each other to intersect. It's the same with top-down shooters, platformers, they have a fundamental style of mechanics that we can use."

This story also serves as a cheeky little reminder that Trials Evolution is out today, for the reasonable price of 1,200 Microsoft Points.

As soon as this daily news is up, I'm buying the hell out of this! Squee!


And Finally...

Darksiders 2 Delayed Atleast 2 Months

It's sad, but if it leaves me with a better game I'll be happy. no date in August set yet.

Diablo III Beta Servers To Close On May 1st

This will ofcourse be ahead of the game's supposed release on May 15th. fingers crossed!

Xbox Entertainment Apps Free This Weekend

Normally you have to be gold to watch Demand 5, 4OD, Lovefilm etc on your Xbox. Not this weekend though.

Halo 4 Release Date Confirmed

November 6th. Prepare thyselves, fanboys!

Pikmin 3 And A New Super Mario For Wii U At E3

I am there with bells on! Or something!

Apple And Valve Team Up On Console?

that's the rumour, and if true, it's BANANAS!!!

Happy 16th Birthday To Jack

His gamertag is Xxmackenzie96xX, hope he has a great day. 16 eh? Lemme tell ya, It's all downhill from there mate. Enjoy it while it lasts.

For you Jack, the cake is not a lie.



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