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Daily News - 2nd April 2012 - The Best Of April Fools

As always, the game industry did some pretty cool stuff for April Fools this year. Here are some of my favourites of the ones I've seen.

Google Maps For The NES

This was my favourite by far! Not just a pretty obvious and entertaining hoax, but something I would gladly pay GOOD money for. Take a look at the video below, and try to contain your unbridled joy.



Mass Effect Saturday Morning Cartoon Announced

Ofcourse this is real, it's too obvious to be fake. A cartoon like this would obviously be relegated to campy, 80s cult status after just 3 seconds of airing. In fairness to the video, beating the Reapers using a rock and roll battle of the bands is only slightly less plausible than what actually happened.



First Ever Rock Band Boardgame!

Boasting such wild features as "A larger song library than any other rhythm-action board game!" and "Auto-calibration", not to mention this pretty kickin' trailer!



Think Geek Show Off Incredible Fake Products

think Geek have a habit of doing this, coming up with amazing things for April Fools, the actually having to produce them because of their amazingness. Past examples include the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag and the iCade, both still up for sale on the ThinkGeek store. this years offerings included an Admiral Ackbar Billy Bass, a Dohvahkin Hoodie and Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps (a play on 'peeps', an American Easte treat). Us regular folk can vote for which one they want to see be made a reality. Pick a side! Me personally, it's gotta be Ackbar. It's a money trap! For my money!



Block Of Ages Adds Corners

Imagine adding a cube character to a game where you roll down hills. Sounds like an April Fools to me!!!



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