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Daily News - 24th April 2012 - Diablo 3 Beta Weekend Figures, Batman: Arkham City DLC and Black Ops 2?

Diablo 3 Servers Appropriately Stress Tested, And Wiped

So that Diablo 3 beta happened last weekend. I played my Witch Doctor upto level 9-and-9-tenths, picked up some mediocre loot, beat a skeleton king then was done with it. I didn't find it very enthralling, but that's neither here nor there right now. According to the Blizzard Community Manager, an estimated 300,000 people were online at any one time on Saturday, which should get those servers good and ready for when the game goes online in a few weeks time. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing for the beta, with errors popping up all over the place, and people attempting to log-in getting turned away, but overall I'm sure Blizzard would say it was a success. Now if they can just figure out a way of actually making the game fun.... Trololol ofcourse.

When I saw this message pop up I was pretty pissed. Bit of a smack in the teeth.



Inevitable Arkham City Game Of The Edition Will Release Alongside New DLC

Arkham City, being one of the best games of last year (spoilers), has definitely earnt itself a Game Of The Year Edition, bundling all the existing DLC together. Now while this is fine enough news on it's own, the release of the GOTY Edition will align with the release of a new DLC pack, featuring Harley Quinn as your main antagonist and letting you play as Robin whilst exploring the city. I'm super excited to play as Robin, his cameo was one of the most awesome cameos in the whole of Arkham City and I for one loved it, so the oppurtunity to skulk around the rooftops as the Boy Wonder fills me with tremendous amounts of joy. The GOTY Edition will launch on May 29th.

Anyone who thinks Robin is gay clearly doesn't know Robin



May 1st Expect Activision To Announce Black Ops 2

Activision have been releasing less-than-subtle teasers giving the date May 1st as something to look out for. The teasers remind me alot of the Black Ops style presentation, with the font and background, which makes sense as it's about 99.9% certain to be a new Black Ops (according to various reports of leaked info from the last week or so). It makes an unbelievable amount of sense to make a sequel to Black Ops, while the story may not exactly be set up for a sequel, the game made near-infinite amounts of money so don't expect to be able to escape the eventual advertising campaign. The game's first advert will debut during some basketball... so yeah, that's erm, a thing...

Not the subtlest of teasers, but if they were looking to create excitement, they probably succeeded.



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