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Daily News - 6th April 2012 - Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, GAME Has Been Saved and More!

Free Extended Cut Of Mass Effect 3 Coming In A Few Months

In the case of Mass Effect 3 Vs. Humans, Bioware have made a nice gesture and announced that the eventual "Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut" will be free to everyone who has the game. Obviously, as the name of the DLC implies, they aren't changing the ending at all (which makes sense) and are instead adding to it with new footage, hopefully relevent to your character's specific journey. It's not spoiling much to say one of the worst things about Mass Effect 3's ending is it's vagueness, so a bit of clarification will go a long way, with me atleast.

Maybe the Extended Cut will feature Shepard facing London's massively inflated prices



GAME Bought By Comet Owners

That's right, GAME has been saved, and it's been saved by OpCapita, the same company who saved Comet last year. GAME had already closed down lots of their stores by the time the buyout happened, but fortunately it happened in time to save 333 stores and over 3,000 jobs. I'm glad we get to keep a specialist store like GAME here in the ol' U of K, but the company's old mis-steps need to be fixed before this happens again next year. Part of the problem GAME ran into was people discovering that they could get the same game off the internet for a good £10-£15 less even at launch, plus their prices never had to even try to be competitive. If you were lucky, a sale at GAME used to mean £5 off something you kind of, maybe wanted, now hopefully it'll line up with an actual value proposition. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and here's hoping it's a huge success.

Now I'm not saying Nathan Fillion 'SAVED' GAME, I'm just saying he probably had SOMETHING to do with it...


And Finally...

More Details Of Notch's Next Game

It'll be called 0x10c, and loads of details have been announced. It sounds amazing.

Civilization V DLC Coming On June 19th

The Gods and Kings DLC will be with us in 2 months. Too long, 2K!!!

Microsoft Register URLs All Relating To Something Called Halo: Infinity

Domains include and Let the mind wander, Halo fans!

Killer Is Dead Announced By Grasshopper (Makers Of Mental Games)

Be the executioner, a guy who goes around the world killing "S-level criminals". The guys behind Lollipop Chainsaw and No More Heroes are behind this, so it'll likely be awesome.

Funcom, Developer Of Secret World MMO, Talk About The Wii U

In their own words, the console will be "perfect" for MMOs. Makes sense/makes me happy.

New Batman: Arkham City DLC Hinted At From PS3 Trophies

The trophy info implies you'll play as Robin against a pissed off Harley Quinn. It won't be a fighting arena like other DLCs, this will be story-related and even contain new Batman dialogue. Robin! Squee!

Robin is definitely cool enough to hold up a DLC on his own, especially Arkham City version!



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