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Daily News - 28th May 2012 - 38 Studios Shut Down, Sony Try To Patent Game Interrupting Ads and More Free Mass Effect 3 DLC

38 Studios And Big Huge Games Close

It's always sad when a studio has to shut down, let alone when 2 are forced to close, but that's exactly what happened. 38 Studios (Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning) ran out of money towards the end of last week, leaving it no choice but to completely shut down the entire company, including subsidiary Big Huge Games. The company moved to Rhode Island to take advantage of funding initiatives taking place there, but then they could not make a payment back on their loan (a payment of $1.125 million) meaning that, obviously, the shit was hitting the fan. Taking the loan money from employee's pay checks meant big trouble, and aswell as leaving the people working there without an income, also will ultimately leave the tax payers of Rhode Island high and dry, as the company spent a $75 million loan from the Economic Development Corporation (a corporation funded by tax payers) that they could not pay back. the company have since come out and admitted that for the company to break even on Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning it would have had to sell about 2 million more copies than it did. Obviously this many people losing their jobs is tragic as hell, but when your company is making terrible game then I guess you shouldn't over commit to the tune of $75 million, just a thought.

Nothing wrong with a little ambition, but come on, Reckoning was never gonna be massive. It was just obvious. It was poo.



Sony Want To Take In-Game Marketing To A Whole New, Terrifying Level

Sony, through my old Nintendo fanboy eyes were the evilest company in the world (N64>Playstation until the end of time), and for some reason are holding their pinkie fingers upto their mouths and laughing maniacally with this newest patent discovery. The patent was applied for last year but has just now come to light, and promises that a warning will be shown before an advert is displayed and a countdown until gameplay resumes would occur. The game would start back up a few seconds prior to when the ad begun so that if it fucked you up, you could sort it out. I can't be the only one who thinks this sounds like a bad Doctor Evil plan?...

This really makes me wanna vomit. Dear god.



More Free Multiplayer DLC Releasing For Mass Effect 3

Arriving tomorrow will be the Rebellion Pack for Mass Effect 3, and will add some crazy new stuff. Amongst the crazy are 2 new levels, 3 new weapons and 6(!) new characters to try, including a new race: The Vorcha. The new characters, which are the main things you care about, let's be honest, are  Vorcha Soldier, Vorcha Sentinel, Male Quarian Engineer, Male Quarian Infiltrator, Ex-Cerberus Vanguard and Ex-Cerberus Adept. The pack is free and, as I said earlier, drops on the 29th (tomorrow). you'll have to download it automatically from the marketplace, it's not a patch.

DUDE! Vorcha in action! Check that shit out! Fuck yeah!


And finally...

Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Gets Chronicle Director

Josh Trank has now signed on to do the film, based on the classic game.

Star Trek Online Getting Player-Built Starbases

Definitely a reason to dive back in for me. Love that game! And its free, remember!

'You Don't Know Jack' Coming To Facebook Soon

Sign up for the beta test now at this link. The game looks mega fun, so give it a go!

Diablo 3 Is Fastest Selling PC Game Of All Time. Surprises Noone.

Yep, entirely believably, the game has raped all competition. Who'dathunk!




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