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Daily News - 3rd May 2012 - Elder Scrolls MMO, New Weird Xbox 360 Bundles Coming and More!

Elders Scrolls MMO.... IS A Thing That's Happening

Yep, we got the email today. Officially announced, Bethesda Softworks is working on a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in their hugely popular Elder Scrolls universe. Details about gameplay are non-existent, though it's reasonable to assume it will be in first person. The email didn't go into specifics, but did have a few tasty nuggets of info, like this quote from the game's Director, Matt Firor:

“We have been working hard to create an online world in which players will be able to experience the epic Elder Scrolls universe with their friends, something fans have long said they wanted. It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years. The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made – and one that is worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.”

Notice that? "We have been working hard..." that means the game is already under way, probably WELL under way, because I don't know if you guys know this, but Skyrim? Pretty popular! There's money to be made off the Elder Scrolls series, perhaps now more than ever! Personally, I'm just eager for more concrete info though. This Month's Game Informer will have more, as the game will be featured on it's cover. You guys as excited as I am?

"LFP raid on massive fuck-off dragon beast"



Super Cheap Xbox Rumoured But Will Come On A Manditory 2-Year Contract

Rumours are iffy, especially when they sound this daft. An Xbox 360, with Kinect sensor and, allegedly, no games, for just $99 (or £61). The bundle will require a 2-year gold contract, priced at about £9 a month. Without doing the math, I'm told it will end up costing you more than if you had just bought the console and sensor outright, but then again, if you don't have the money here and now then maybe a console on a "contract"ish deal could be viable, though I can't see a consumer having waited all this time to buy their Xbox and then finally seeing this deal as their easiest way of getting involved in Xbox stuff. Maybe it's just me, but the timing of this seems odd. A month before E3, where Microsoft said they would definitely not reveal a new console, says to me that we can expect their next console roughly 2 years from now, so that if you take advantage of this deal your contract will run out literally as the next console launches? Makes sense to me, and probably kinda makes sense to Microsoft aswell. Time to just wait and see!

"Subscribe now to Xbox and punch a shark in the face!" - There you go Microsoft, that one's for free.


And finally...

Dungeons Of Dredmoor Free Update Adding Steam Workshop Support

This'll be a great excuse to play the game, having bought it in the sales yonks ago.

Black Ops 2 Pre-Order Bonuses Slightly Revealed, Coming In Waves

A 4 wave system for the bonuses has been announced. The first bonus is a double-sided poster and Prestige token for MW3, and you'll also get whatever bonuses are in the next 3 waves. If you miss this first wave though, you can't get it after the deadline. Same goes for the next 3 waves aswell. The first wave's deadline is up on June 30.

Remote Steam Downloads Coming

Download a game at home, right from any web browser. Truly, this is the future!

Kickstarter Not Quite The Guaranteed Money Maker You'd Think

Turns out only about 25% of Kickstarters actually reach their funding, the rest fail. Such is life!

If that Black Ops 2 poster just depicts horses versus helicopters, then they've hit paydirt.



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