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Daily News - 31st May 2012 - New Gears Of War Coming, Skyrim DLC First-Look Trailer and Doom 3 Special Edition Announced... Wait, What? 

Game Informer To Feature New Gears Of War As Cover Story Next Week

Yep, a new Gears Of War is definitely coming, as was revealed today by Game Informer as they, funnily enough, informed us all about the game's existence. Thankfully they decided not to reveal any details about the game, choosing instead to save what info they know to go online alongside Microsoft's E3 press conference (so we know atleast 1 thing that will be on their agenda that day). They have so far only revealed the magazine's front cover, which depicts a Gear being lead, shackled, by 2 other gears towards what I assume is a battle. Is the Gear in shackles Marcus Fenix? Is this a prequel or a sequel? We'll know (alot!) more as E3 kicks off next week.

I definitely enjoy me some Gears Of War, so I am DOWN for this!



Skyrim DLC "Dawnguard" Details Revealed In New Trailer

We've know about the existence of Dawnguard for weeks now, but nothing else other than the name was known. That all changes today, as we've been generously given a trailer that shows off what the expansion will feature. Amongst the list of new shit are 2 factions: Vampires and The Dawnguard, and you can apparently choose either side (allegedly gaining the ability to turn into a weird vampire hell beast if you choose them); a new demonic horse; new locales to explore and new character to interact with. I can't for sure if there will be new weapons or perks, but I have to assume there will be copius amounts of both to draw fans back in. The expansion is expected this summer, but for now feast you eyes on the trailer (and wipe the drool off that chin!).



Doom 3: BFG Edition On The Way

Bethesda sure are busy! When they're not creating expansion packs for one of the most popular games of last year, it turns out they're making special editions of 8 year-old games. Doom 3: BFG Edition will come out this Autumn and will include both Doom 1 and 2, the game's expansion Resurrection of Evil, a brand new 7 level mission and in-game bonuses including boasts of a (surely meme-fodder) armour-mounted torch. The version will also include improved lighting and graphical tweaks, an improved checkpoint/save system, 3D TV support and also support for head-mounted displays. There are no words to describe the randomness of this announcement. It's awesome on every potential level.



And Finally...

Dark Souls PC Content Will Come To Consoles As DLC

The DLC will be called Artorias of the Abyss and will feature new environment, enemies and items.

New Hitman: Absolution Trailer Is Absolutely Retarded

Ugh, just... ugh. Infuriating many in the gaming industry, and Charlie Brooker, is the following trailer showing Agent 47 kicking the shit out of some bondage nuns. As a trailer for the game you're trying to sell a few million copies of? REALLY?!?



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