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Daily Not Much News - 7th May 2012 - Wii-U's 3rd Party Games Leaked, Diablo 3: Wrath Aimated Movie and League Of Legends Exploit Forces Bans

Blockbuster Look To Have Leaked Some Wii-U 3rd Party Titles

3rd party titles have never really been well represented on Nintendo consoles, with even the hugemongously popular Wii having the 3rd parties relegated to not much more than gesture-based novelties. Wii-U, with it's enhanced power and standard (apart from that massive screen) controls coming from the dual-analog sticks, the list of games coming out of non-first party publishers for the Wii-U is more in line with the Playstation and Xbox. An employee at Blockbuster has leaked a photo of a screen showing future titles to be stocked at the store, and it's an impressive list, including such games as Darksiders 2, Dirt 3, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Metro: Last Light. The complete list can be found in photos here. It may technically be rumour, but I'm more than happy to trust this info, no games on there are beyond reason.

Not your typical Nintendo fare maybe, but Metro: Last Light will interest somebody out there... hopefully.



2D Animated Diablo 3 Film Coming Possibly On Tuesday

So Diablo 3... Gonna be pretty big, I reckon. If that game doesn't sell like hotcakes then I'm sure many a person will end up eating a hat. The official diablo 3 website ( has had a percent meter rising for a while now, and it's currently at 94%. It's been confirmed that when this meter fills it will unlock an animated movie that will tie in with the game. Made by the same director as Aeon Flux, Blizzard released a "Making of" that explains more. Watch it below.



League Of Legends Cheaters Getting Ruthlessly Banned

I like League Of Legends. It's free, relatively fun and simple to get to grips with, but it's no secret that it has one of the shittest communities in gaming. Any single game in which you do anything wrong at any point you WILL be berated with cries of "noob", abuse and people requesting you get reported. LoL players are a shining beacon of the worst of the worst of gamers, sitting besides Halo and Call Of Duty for BM (Bad Manners). Converse to this, are Riot games, a developer who know how to treat their fans. New champions are added monthly, patches are released with complete transparency so players know exactly what eachj will contain and they apparently are also ruthless when dealing with cheaters. In a move that shows great integrity, the company have shutdown an exploit in the game almost immediately and are handing out bans. The exploit allowed users to get unlimited mastery points, points which you can use to increase any of your champions' stats between games. So let this be a lesson to you guys: DON'T CROSS RIOT! THEY'LL FUCK YOU RIGHT UP!



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