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Daily News - 9th May 2012 - A Couple Of Less-Than-Massive News Stories... Sorry

Okay, so no MASSIVE news has happened the past few days, but stuff has happened, so I'll dole this info out in little mini-stories, 'And finally...' style. So anyway, how's everything going with you guys?...


Angry Birds Hits 1 Billion Downloads

Like, dude. Whoah. 

Pressure Sensitive Controller Patented... By Microsoft?

One apparent feature involves sensing who's holding the controller by how they grip it. Mental!

Wolfenstein 3D Playable On HTML5 (Your Browser) For Free... Right Now!

Yep, seriously. Play gaming history right now, over here!

Dark Souls Has Sold Over A Million

I've been playing the game a bit and it really is unlike anything else. Well done for Dark Souls! Yay!

Portal 2 CHEAP On Steam, And Level Editor Released

To celebrate the level editor's release, one of the best game's ever made is just slightly over £5 on Steam this week. GET IT!!!

Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm To Add New Features

They'll include Global Play, Player Clans/Groups, Unranked Matches, resuming a game after a disconnect (huge for professional Starcraft) and multiplayer replay viewing. Good stuff for us Stacraft fans!

Oi! You bought Portal 2 yet?!? WHY NOT, YOU CUNT!!! Oh, you have? My bad...



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