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Daily News - 22nd June 2012 - Downloadable Game Collections, Wii U Price Potentially Revealed, Okami HD, Final Fantasy 7 News and LOADS More!

'That Game Company' And Ubisoft Both Readying Collections Of Their Best Downloadable Games

I tentatively use the word best in that headline because while That Game Company only have 3 games to their name anyway (pretty easy to make a compilation out of 3 games) Ubisoft may very well have dozens... though I'm hardly going to go looking that up right now, I have work tomorrow and more news stories to write! Now while I can't outright claim that these Ubisoft titles are the company's best downloadable games on offer, I can say with some confidence that they're 3 little belters. For the no doubt cheap-ass price, they're gonna be good 'uns to add to your collection. The games are listed below:

That Game Company Compilation:



From Dust
Beyond Good And Evil HD

TGC's will be out at the end of August, and Ubi's will be with us at the end of September.

I'll add this to my PS3 collection... I don't own a PS3 yet, but I'm getting this!


Amazon Germany May Have Leaked Wii U's Price And Release Date

One of those stories you maybe wanna take with a few handfuls of salt this, but we have our first semi-exciting rumour regarding the Wii U. According to the source, which you can view here, the console will be out on December 21st and will cost just under 400 Euros, a whopping £322!!! That seems to go directly against Nintendo's whole "we're the cheap ones" philosophy, which strikes me as odd, though price and such can change rapidly. The site also has Zombi U and the Wii U Rayman Legends for just over £55 each, another steep price. It has me worried, but keeping my fingers crossed this is just a wildly overblown price and that it will drop significantly.... like, by a third or something. Soon.

"The key is to wait until there's a zombie right behind you. 2 birds, one stone!" - Is what his gravestone shall read.


Newly Announced Downloadable Okami HD Will Have Move Support

Okami is a great game. Gorgeous, fun to play and with a cool twist on not only gameplay in general, but that Legend Of Zelda formula which is just so hard to get right. I played the game on the Wii and had fun, which leads me to believe that the Move version will work just fine with the game. Expect it to come out sometime in the next month or 2, and to be less than £15. If you have a PS3 and there's any joy in your heart, then I completely recommend it. (And here's a small tip, free-of-charge: The last flower's on the cunt's motherfucking HEAD. HIS HEAD. Commit this fact to memory!)

This is an IN-GAME SCREENSHOT! Imagine how good this is gonna look in HD!!!



Final Fantasy VII Coming To Steam?

It seems so, as this leaked domain registration suggests. There's been no confirmation as yet but all signs point to a Steam version of the game with achievements, cloud saves (lol) and the ability to do a little light cheating with those character boosters. Depending on the price I could totally see myself playing FF7 again, unless those graphics are uglier than I remember, which is almost certainly the case... Well, I don't wanna make myself depressed so I'll look for screenshots from Advent children instead.

Spoilers?... I guess?...


And Finally...

Next Saints Row Game Named?

Temporarily (though hopefully permanently, if you ask me) titled 'The Next Great Sequel In The Saints Row Franchise' it will incorporate the planned DLC Enter The Dominatrix into itself. I estimate fun.

Maybe Don't Buy Diablo 3 Digitally

Digital Buyers will be put behind a 3-day wall where they can only play the trial version. What what the the fuck fuck?!?

A Free-To-Play Timesplitters On The Way?

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli absolutely loves the games, but would also love to make money off the game, if he can. The last Timesplitters wasn't too popular, so it's not guaranteed profit, which usually spells disaster before the game's even been started. We can hope though.

Dota 2 Will Sell Online tickets To It's Tournaments In It's Online Store

Pretty self explanatory story for a pretty shit-looking game.

Timesplitters 2 was sublime. I could do with a little more Timeplsitters in my life!



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