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Daily News - 25th June 2012 - Mass Effect 3 Extended DLC Tomorrow, Black Ops 2's Massive Zombie Mode and Resident Evil 6 Collector's Edition

That Mass Effect 3 DLC Will Be Here Tomorrow (But Not On PS3)!

Well this fucking crept up out of nowhere! Bioware are apparently done and happy with the changes they've made... well, I say happy, here's what Casey Hudson had to say:

"Ultimately our passion is entertaining people, so delighting them with our stories and giving them amazing worlds to escape to, that's what we love to do, so in this medium it just wouldn't make sense for us to make some kind of artistic statement, and then turn our backs on it forever.

There was some feedback that we can't address. There are people who just outright rejected the whole concept of the endings, and wanted us to start from scratch and redo everything. And we can't do that because that's not our story, we wouldn't know how to write that story.

What excites us is the challenge of learning how people consume our stories, so it's a learning process for everybody. And then incorporating that feedback, that's how we make our work better.

You can never completely satisfy everyone. We've seen a whole range of feedback, ranging from people who wanted a total redo, to people who had concerns and questions about the original endings, to people who loved the original endings and have told us they don't want to change anything."

Not a boatload of confidence but one things for sure, however this thing turns out it's a pretty massive landmark moment for gaming. What is encouraging is the fact that this ending clocks in at an impressive 1.9GB. You can do a lot with almost 2 gigs, which means a lot of content. It's fascinating stuff. The content is free (ofcourse) and launches on Xbox, PC and PS3 in America tomorrow, but European PS3 owners will have to wait a week. For what reason we do not know. Poor Playstationers.

Fuck those Reapers up again... For the first time


Black Ops 2's Zombie Mode Quickly Sounding Like The Best Thing About Black Ops 2

Details are emerging about Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2's new and improved zombie mode and it's starting to get me pretty flipping excited! They're building the mode this time entirely within the game's multiplayer engine, which means expanded player numbers and possibilites:

"The zombies mode is being developed in with the multiplayer engine, so you can imagine taking everything we can do in multiplayer and seeing how that's applied to the co-op mode.

The team has talked about things like four-vs-four and a range of new modes that we will get into down the road, but I can tell you without a doubt that it is easily the most ambitious and biggest zombies universe that we've ever attempted."

That quote come from Joe Rafacz, Director Of Communications for Treyarch. The absolute most exciting thing for me is his use of the word "universe". I foresee some kind of persistence in the game mode and levelling seperate from the regular multiplayer. That's my wish anyway. Come on you zombies! Kick some ass!

You think those horses in that trailer animated them-fucking-selves?!?



Resident Evil 6 Collector's Edition Revealed. Not As Good As Japan's

The collector's edition of Resident Evil 6 we're getting is The bundle contains the game, an Ivy University Hoodie, Avatar or 'Dynamic Theme codes' depending on whether you get Xbox or PS3 versions, a Zombie Steelbook, a concept artbook and it all comes in a box designed to look like a Needle Bomb. Now that all sounds well and good (or more acurately, bad) until you remember what Japan's getting. Japan gets. An authentic. Leon S Kennedy. Leather jacket. And it looks. Fucking. SICK. That bad boy will set you back a cheeky £800 though... so maybe don't get it.

Here's what we get...




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