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GameBanter Blackout - Trying To Ride The Pre-E3 Spoiler Free Express

You may have noticed that the past few days I've not posted anything. This has been fairly deliberate. E3 officially kicks off on Monday with the Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony press conferences (Microsoft and Sony obviously being the bigger of the 4), and with it being so darn close to all that craziness, I don't want to subject myself to video games websites or Twitter, for fear of the inevitable spoilers they yield, instead I've kinda gone 'radio silence' on all that stuff. Instead I've been filling me non-writey time with Diablo 3 and, when not playing Diablo, thinking about the next time I'll get to play Diablo. It's been fun!

Anyway, current activities aside, E3 is basically tomorrow (dude, WHAT?!?) and I'll ofcourse attempt to write about what I can, but I also intend to podcast the press conferences as they happen and upload them, with any luck, right after the press conference finishes. Fingers crossed I'll have a podcast up after every press conference for those of you who can't watch them yourselves, probably with a front-page news post I'll update as the need arises.

I'm looking forward to it! Finally an excuse to do some hardcore podcasting, and get some use out of this damn microphone I bought! Exciting days ahead guys, exciting days!

When in doubt: Fillion



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