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Daily News - 14th July 2012 - Steam Summer Sale In Full Swing, Borderlands 2's Epic Budget and GTA V Screenshots

Steam's Summer Sale Is On In A Massive Way

What a special time. The sun is shining (ish), the plants are in bloom and everybody's indoors getting some sweet bargains off Steam! Yes, Valve are at it again and this time they mean motherfucking business! Not content with making 9 games super cheap for 24 hours at a time, they now also do a seperate 6 hourly vote, in which the Steam community decides what game will be the next to get discounted. Also, there are now "Flash Sales" which are smaller slaes that change every few hours, cycling between 4 different games at any one time. The sale also includes the usual 'packs' with a developers entire catalogue contained within for savings of around £100 a time, and there are discounts absolutely everywhere! So many sales to be had it hurts my feeble brain! (Though writing that Yu-Gi-Oh article didn't help with that) Unfortunately, if this is the first you're hearing about the sale then chances are you've already missed out on super cheap Portal 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution but if it's any comfort, there's still fucking LOADS to come. Lock up your wallets, it's gonna be a rough week!

List of Amazing Savings from Reddit - All Games 70%-80% Off


Portal 2 was like £3 yesterday. THREE FUCKING QUID!!!



Borderlands 2's Budget Revealed To Be Between 3 To 4 Times Bigger Than Original

Borderlands 2 closing in on us and as I said on Twitter yesterday, doesn't seem to be majorly challenged by any other releases that I can think of. It's, for me, the most exciting game to come out this year and so news like this fills my underpants with happy. It turns out that the success of a game, means that studio has more money! Who know, right? And so Borderlands 2 had, well let's just say, more access to funds than the original. Head of Gearbox Randy Pitchford said the following on the subject:

"Effectively [the budget is] like triple or quadruple, because in Borderlands 1 we had a lot of invention. We had to figure these things out. ...we knew what's fun about the RPG is the fun of collecting loot, and levelling up and growing and making choices. That's not mutually exclusive with the moment-to-moment fun of a shooter, we knew that, but we hadn't figured out all the details of what that means to put those two things together. You fish around in the dark, you try things and they don't work, and you try other things and you learn from what you tried, and build on that. With Borderlands 2 we don't have any of that. We got to be experts at making Borderlands in the act of finishing it, so with Borderlands 2 all of the effort is spent towards value that the customer sees, not towards fishing around in the dark and making things that don't work that we have to throw away in order to make new things. ...Effectively it's way more than double. It's actually double budget, effectively it's way more."

Borderlands was a blast to play through side-by-side with my buddy, and we intend to do the same again with Borderlands 2. It's going to be an experience, that's for damn sure!

I sense much holding of the right trigger, and even greater amounts MOTHERFUCKING GUNS.



GTA V Screenshots Released... But Just 2 Of Them

Rockstar, it seems, are the masters of the cocktease. Only releasing 2 screenshots of GTA V?! What is that?! That's like being told you're going to have sex, she strokes it once and rolls over "I didn't say when" then expects you to get on with your night. We need more! Looks pretty though, I'll give 'em that!



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