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Daily News - 16th July 2012 - Deadpool Game Coming, Gears Of War: Judgement Release Date, Steam To Sell Apps and More!

A Deadpool Game Is A Thing That's Happening

A Deadpool game sounds like such a no brainer, I'm flummoxed as to why we're not upto atleast Deadpool 3 yet. The insane mercenary likes to murder things violently, break the 4th wall and pretty much never shuts up, all of which sounds to me like great fodder for a video game. The game looks to be a third person action game with some kind of finishing move mechanic which has you doing anything from shooting guys in the head from point-blank range, to punching them in the face so hard their head shatters like glass. My fear is that they can't keep the crazy up for long enough. There's a lot of "air time2 to fill in a video game, and if there's even a few seconds where Deadpool isn't saying or thinking something then the illusion is broken. I like the trailer though, and I look forward to more of them in the future.



Gears Of War: Judgement Gets March 19th Release Date

I doubt if anyone was expecting Judgement to be out before the end of the year, but it's nice to have confirmation. For those unaware, the game will follow Kilo Squad, headed by Baird, as they do some fucked up shit prior to the day the Locust showed up. The game will feature new multiplayer modes and the campaign will supposedly follow an almost Left 4 Dead style multiplayer experience, which sounds interesting, and should have a more arcadey feel than previous Gears games. I really liked 3, so more Gears Of War is a thing I'm pretty sure I can handle, no Gears fatigue for this guy!

Pump me full of more hot Gears Of War action! Oh yeah! All over my face! ...Uhh, what?



Steam App Tips Valve's Hand Prematurely

That Steam App must be dangerous around now, what with all these sales and whatnot, and nowheree to escape from the money sink, though it does offer some light in these dark, dark times in the form of... news! App stores are nothing new, but this would mark Valve's first really big foray into the non-game business. The app gave the game away by adding new categories to the Steam Store, like photo editing, accounting, design & illustration, and animation & modelling. That's a pretty varied array of categories right there, but it certainly points towards something more than just Angry Birds and Draw Something. Any guesses what could go into "Accounting" anyone?

It's an odd prospect, but if there's one thing Gabe Newell knows how to do, it's make money.


And Finally...

Battlefield 4 Beta Possibly Outed

Dice have said though, that until they announce it, not ot believe anything.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Is Getting A Second Season

The first season of the web series evidently did well. This is happy news!

Playstation 3 Super Slim Photographs Emerge

While not totally confirmed, this looks pretty good to me. I can see buying one!

This shit looks sexy! I fucking want one!



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    Response: Go Here - News Journal - Daily News - 16th July 2012 - Deadpool Game Coming, Gears Of War: Judgement Release Date, Steam To Sell Apps and More!

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