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Daily News - 2nd July 2012 - Fez Creator Making Games, KotOR Collection and Battlefield Premium Is Doing Okay

First thing's first: Sorry for being so terrible with updates. There was very little news for a few days; and then I wrote my Diablo 3 review; and then that was quickly followed by a weekend trip to London for the Starcraft 2 UK Championships. But here we are, almost a week since the last news post, and I think there's just about enough news to justify telling you fine people about it. Happy faces all round, I say!


Fez Creator Phil Fish Working On 2 New Games

Fez is the kind of game where afterwards, you almost question the sanity of the person whos idea it was. Were they a conspiracy theorist, or a serial killer, or maybe just a regular crazy-person-who-is-also-a-genius? Who knows! Well actually, we do. His name's Phil Fish, and he just kinda likes making games. Fez was his first and was so face-meltingly impressive that people are itching to see what emerges from his brain next. According to a speech he gave last week, he has 2 upcoming games under his belt:

"I'm working on two games with friends. I started working on one of them during the development of Fez, but I had to leave it to focus on finishing Fez. It is difficult to decide which game you are going to dedicate to, it may be something that will occupy many years of your life."

I can only imagine what Fish can do with another few years time working on a game, and by then, hopefully I'll have broken through the emotional barriers Faz put me behind.

I see those pixels in my nightmares!



KotOR Collection For PC Outed By Amazon

It seems as though an entry on the USA Amazon website indicates some kind of Knights of the Old Republic bundle featuring both games at a discounted price. I tried playing both KotOR 1 and 2 quite recently and hated both, so I think it's fair to say this is the only post you'll see on it here, barring some problem with it. The bundle will be available for $19.99 (£12.75) whenever they decide to confirm it.

You wanna play something set 1,000 years before this? DO YOU FUCK AS LIKE!!!



Battlefield Premium Nets 800,000 Subscribers

Not a huge amount to add here, other than that 800,000.... is a lot of poeple. Congrats Dice!

Such a beauty, if I get a decent PC 1 day it may look this for me too!



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