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What The Fuck Happened To GameBanter?!? - 28th July 2012

Hey guys! So it's been a little over a week since I last posted anything, a fact that, I'm sure, has not escaped some of you. There are reasons for this, so in the interest of readability I'll just bulletpoint out what's been happening, and what's going to happen coming up:

  • I tried rebuilding the website - The site I use to make GameBanter happen, released a new version of their website builder last week, and I was working hard to try and transfer the site over to that new version. It turned out that while it's slicker and improves lots of thing, like making commenting easier and making galleries slicker and better to implement, it also doesn't let me cram all the things that I want onto every page yet. As it is now I have the 2 bars at the side which provide easy access to anything recently posted, as well as having space to include Twitter and Facebook links, but the new website builder just doesn't have enough options for side bars for me to have the website be as easy to navigate as I wanted, so after MUCH experimenting, I decided not to go with the newer website yet. I'll wait until they make it more GameBanter compatible.
  • I have to move - So yeah, this is probably the biggest thing. I live in a house with a few other people right now, but it was only on a 12 month contract which runs out on August 1st. As you will note, August 1st is like 4 days away, so I've had a stressful week or 2. When I get home from work, updating the site and sifting through the past few days news for vaguely interesting stories or trailers can take a few hours, which is normally fine when I have bugger all else to do, but the past week I've just wanted to get home and not want any stress, which I hope you'll understand. I also, don't have my own place to live! Woo! So yeah, the next month or 2 I'll be cramming myself in to someone else's house whilst I save up enough to get a place on my own, hopefully in the centre of Manchester. It's gonna be a pain in the ass these next 2 months imposing myself on others and spending as little as possible, but with any luck, once I'm done I'll have my own place! Which brings me to my next bulletpoint...
  • Once I get my own place - Not only will website updates become more frequent, but I'm also going to start streaming! Woop! Whether I'm playing Starcraft, Diablo 3, Left 4 Dead, Football Manager, or even if I have some buddies round to play Super Smash Bros, I'm just gonna stream the shit out of it. Hopefully it'll be entertaining in some way, maybe even get the site a few more views, which would be great if it happens. Another thing I intend to begin once I have my own place is podcasting. I know I've done a bit in the past for special occasions, but I'd love to start up the weekly podcast I've always dreamt of. I've got some entertaining friends, and I keep in touch with some pretty cool people on Twitter, so I should definitely be able to put together a fun show atleast every week. I want, desperately, for this to be the way I make a living, and all of these will be baby steps to hopefully make this happen in the next few years. A boy can dream!

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I don't enjoy letting you (or myself) down, but sometimes real life gets in the way, like a bully in school or a cat that won't move out of the bathroom doorway. When real life's not in the way though, we're hitting it hard! Oh yeah! Can't wait! Party time a-coming! ...In fact, let's party right now! Have a good weekend!



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