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23rd August 2012 - New Broken Sword, Golden Joystick Voting and 3 More GTA 5 Screenshots

New Broken Sword Game Is A Thing That's Happening!

Dude! This news is so awesome! If you don't know Broken Sword then you don't know one of the best games ever made. One of the first adventure games to take itself seriously, it blended humour, great puzzle solving and likable characters with a fantastic story that took cues from biblical texts to create an epic tale years before the Da Vinci Code was a twinkle in Dan Brown's eye. It's had its fair share of sequels since then ranging from equally as fantastic as the original to 'meh' but the series holds a special place in my heart and always will. I'm thrilled there will be a new entry and, even though it is a Kickstarter so not guaranteed to get finished, I can already see myself falling in love with this. My bias begins now! Squee!

Geoge Stobart returns to kick world-destroying ass!



Golden Joystick Voting Now Open

The closest thing we have to a legitimate video game awards ceremony over here has come round again, and like usual we're the ones choosing the winners. Games like Mass Effect 3, Arkham City, Uncharted 3 and Witcher 2 are all represented, so just go ahead, think hard about it and spread a little (Golden) joy(stick) to the people who makes the game you love. They earned it.

Golden Joystick Voting 2012

Not trying to skew your votes in any way, but if you maybe see Asura's Wrath in any of the categories, maybe you vote for it, yeah? Yeah.



3 More Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots

Right, I think this will be the last time I make this news, but here's 3 new GTA 5 screenshots, mixed in with the 5 we already had. Parachutes, bike races and... tennis. I guess this is the foundation they were laying with their table tennis game, it's time for the big leagues now, Rockstar Tennis Team!


And finally...

The Border Lands Launches And Is Playable On Any Browser!

Gearbox show us the humble beginning of the series in the form of a long lost 16-bit game. Enjoy! (It worked on the shitty 10 year-old computers at my work, so it'll work on yours too!)

Check out those graphics! You can really see there are more than 15-bits there.




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