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GameBanter Update: Content Coming! I Promise!

Ugh, I hate writing posts like this. So basically, again, there's not been a huge amount of content on the site, barely any in fact, and while I could whinge about how I'm coming close to losing my day job, and how it now takes about 2 hours of my day just getting to and from work, but instead I'll just say this:

I very much need to start going to bed at human hours, HOWEVER, Sleeping Dogs Review is nearing completion, Darksiders 2 is getting played a fuckload, I have atleast 2 articles that I know I can definitely hammer out, and I'm aware of how much I absolutely suck at posting. All of this indicates to me that there are indeed posts incoming, and while there won't be any tonight... except for this one... there will be posts in the extremely near future.

I hate my inability to balance my time effectively, it means I spend too much time actually playing games and not enough time getting those thoughts down. Ah well, follow the @GameBanter twitter account for various posts about games during the day while I'm at work, tweet me and tell me how retarded my views on the shitness of the Assassin's Creed games are, or let me know that you too have an unfortunate real life holding you back from what you actually want to be doing. We can have a little back and forth, and I may even retweet you if you have something interesting to say. Gauntlet thrown! Make it a Friday to remember guys, and for fucks sake, play a video game or two this weekend!

Maybe spend your weekend with this happy chappy? You could do a HELL of a lot worse! Ha! Dude, that was awesome. That almost makes up for sucking so much.



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