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Daily News - 6th August 2012 - Infamous/God Of War Collections and Final Fantasy VII's Premature Release

I'm back. Just got internet in my temporary dwelling and after much, MUCH bitching on Twitter about how ridiculous Steam's offline restrictions are, I am back and ready to do what I enjoy: Writing about video games. Let's roll!


God Of War And Infamous To Get Collections

Ahh, Collections. The equivilent of a DVD boxset but for games, what's not to love! Especially when the collections are almost always of awesome game series. The one that jumps to the front of my mind and gives me a happy ending is the Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus collection, which I own despite not even having a PS3. I'll be honest, though I don't own a PS3 right now, I'm definitely buying myself one for The Last Of Us, and if I can dust that PS3 with the icing sugar of a God Of War collection on top? Well what I've got there are a number of wet dreams and a few broken beadsprings. In closing, I'd like to say: Collections good. This is awesome news. Oh, and also, they'll be out before the end of August. Yeah, take that news cumshot to the face!

The only downside is that you might already own all of these games. But if you do you're already awesome anyways! So you already win!


Final Fantasy VII PC Launches Early, But Is Quickly Fixed

So it appears someone at Square Enix made a boo boo and made the PC port of Final Fantasy 7 early. Unfortunately for those that got it, the game didn't work. Fair enough, as the game's not released yet, but a bit of a knob-kick to those that thought they were in for a treat and got cock-blocked. It turns out that the game went available for $12.70, which is just over £8. A fair price... Surprisingly!

Let's hope the graphics remain as... umm... 'unique' as they were back then...



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