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ThreeDog Voice Actor Teases Fallout 4

Games are always getting teased, and weird sources are nothing new, so I truly believe this. The guy who played ThreeDog in Fallout 3, has tweeted that there may be more TheeDog coming, but doesn't say in what form (though he did mention in a subsequent tweet that he had 'permission' to tweet the tease). If you remember a few months ago, Bethesda were seen doing some research around the Boston area, so a new Fallout seems likely, and though it's probably not close, them casting ThreeDog 6 months after location scouting seems to line up to me.

My only nitpick about this is why go with ThreeDog again? I'd like to see them cast a brand new radio host, someone a little less... grating?

All I remember about ThreeDog is that he was annoying. I wish this was wittier.

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