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Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 Rumour Collection.

It's no secret, we're on the cusp of another exciting console generation! With new rumours coming up every day, and each one becoming more and more likely the closer we get to the official announcements, I thought I'd do a little collection of the info we have on the next generation so far:

The Next Generation:

  • Both consoles are rumoured to include Blu-ray drives, though whether Xbox's will be actual Blu-ray or a proprietary form (like the Wii-U uses) is still unclear.
  • Both will use different brands of main graphics chip, though the 2 are comparable in quality.
  • Neither console has a confirmed name yet. Playstation 4 seems a likely final name, but it's not final, with Orbis being the console's codename. Microsoft's codename is Durango, though again, nothing is final on that front.
  • Both consoles are expected to have their own press conferences in March to handle the announcements, similar to the way Apple has been doing for the past few years.

Playstation Rumours:

  • The latest rumour is that the PS4 will be more straight-up powerful than the next Xbox, beating its run-capability by .61 Teraflops, around 50% higher than the Xbox.
  • As far as pricepoint, the word that is being thrown around for the console is "affordable", an interesting word for Sony to be using, for sure. They're not exactly know for their cheap launch prices.
  • The console will allegedly support 4K resolutions, the new 'Ultra HD' picture quality that is basically the next step up from HD as we know it.
  • The PS4 will contain 2 graphics chips, a main chip and a smaller one. Presumably the smaller one will be used to keep pressure off the main one for less graphics intensive tasks than playing games, though what do I know.

Xbox Rumours:

  • Supposedly some media outlets have documents relating to the new Xbox, but have to wait a few weeks to leak them, so keep an eye out.
  • Though the Xbox will be less powerful than the PS4, it easily bests Sony's console on RAM. Xbox will contain 8GB (with the OS taking up 3GB) compared to PS4's meager 4GB (their OS taking up 1GB)
  • Skype will be at the core of the new console, replacing Xbox Live's voice and video call services.

As I said, none of these rumours are officially confirmed, but at this point, so close to the reveals, I'd be more inclined to believe all of them than not.

No coincidence a lot of these rumours have come about around CES. Back room spies, we thank you!

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