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Analysts Predict PS4 To Outsell Xbox One By 11 Million Units

According to Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at IHS, the PS4 will be 11,000,000 units ahead of the Xbox One in sales by the end of 2017. Harding-Rolls believes the companies will have a very close launch, with the PS4 marginally inching ahead, eventually culminating in the projected 11 million unit lead. A statement released by IHS states the following:

"IHS expects existing geographical brand allegiance to continue with Xbox One outselling PS4 in North America, and PS4 outselling Xbox One across Europe combined. IHS believes that Sony's wider geographical brand allegiance - especially across continental Europe and Japan - will be decisive in allowing PS4 to outsell Xbox One on a global basis by the end of 2017.

We also believe that both Sony and Microsoft will continue to benefit from Nintendo's Wii U weak sales, with some past Wii users adopting the latest consoles instead of upgrading to Wii U."

Obviously it goes without saying that these are hardly facts, but they seem to make sense. The internet is expecting the PS4 to absolutely stomp the Xbox One but these projections are probably more realistic, Xbox as a brand has built up enough brand loyalty in enough people that it should be there or thereabouts at launch, but it all comes down to the games for the next 4 years in my book, something that doesn't seem to have been considered. I think Titanfall could end up being a huge deal, but hey, what do I know, I'm no analyst!

That Titan FELL!

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