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...And We're Back!

Hello there, and welcome back!

You probably noticed that for the last few months the site has been down, not broken, not just going without updates but DOWN down. Basically I had so little money that I couldn't afford to keep the website up, and also do other things (like eat and live under a roof, you know, the kinda important stuff) so I had to let it come down for a while.

It's been tough! It's been a pretty huge year for games, between GTA:V making a billion dollars in what seemed like minutes, The Last of Us kind of blowing my mind, and easily the most venomous and catty lead up to a launch that I have ever seen... And I've just had to sit there and read it all, unable to comment or give an opinion (apart from Twitter, but I'm pretty sure all but 4 of my followers are bots). It's frustrating, to have nothing but free time but nothing constructive to use it on. Well, hopefully that can change now and things can get back on track!

I plan to get back to the old routine: The big news as it happens, articles, reviews of what I've played (with some slightly older reviews of stuff I played whilst the site was down), and HOPEFULLY videos.

Pretty much my main adversary on the video front at the moment is the internet. A while back a friend and I recorded some Starcraft replay commentaries and it was taking me upwards of 6 hours to upload a 15 minute video. It's really that bad. I'll work on it, but until then I'm just happy to have a website again.


Fillion's triumphant return!

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