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IGN Reports About Some Users Getting Early, Broken PS4s

Not an ideal story to wake up to, especially if you've pre-ordered a PS4 for yourself, but this morning you'll probably be reading about how some early consoles are having some rather crippling technical issues.

The story was brought into the limelight when a winner of a contest begun posting on Reddit about how his prize of a pre-launch PS4 was not, how do you say... 'working'. After numerous calls to Sony Playstation support the only option he was given was to send the console back to them for repair, given an estimate of 5-6 days for either his console back, or a replacement. Considering that part of the prize was to have the console before everybody else, 5-6 days would be after the console's launch, rendering that part of the prize rather moot, a small price to pay though, for a free PS4 (I'm sure you'll agree).

Where the story really begins to gain traction though is when IGN admitted that their own pre-release console also suffered crippling issues rendering their own Sony-supplied console useless. They were given a new one by Sony almost immediately but still, there will be plenty of Playstation fans twiddling their thumbs nervously, waiting for Sony to send out a press release telling them everything will be okay, but until then, there will be a lot of PS4 buyers VERY clenched today!

Here's the full story from IGN - Broken Playstation 4 Systems

"I need 50 CCs of Playstation Plus membership, stat!"

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