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Xbox Live Gold's Free Games Promotion Extending To Xbox One In 2014

Earlier this year at E3 Microsoft revealed that they would be offering a service whereby any Xbox Live Gold members would be getting a free game every 2 weeks. Since then, Xbox Live Gold members have claimed such games as Halo 3, Assassin's Creed 2 and, umm, A Kingdom For Keflings...

Well Microsoft revealed last night (just in time for the North American launch of the PS4) that the promotion would also be extending to Xbox One and that more will be revealed in 2014. This is a classic example of competition being better for the consumer: Microsoft have users pay for their service, Sony feel obligated to offer their own paid-for service; Sony offer free games to entice users to use their optional pay-for service, Microsoft feel obligated to also offer their customers free games. This is better for everyone, especially adopters of a new console looking for quality games right out of the box, games such as...

It's easy to use A Kingdom For Keflings as a humourous example. Very easy.

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