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Microsoft's Phil Spencer Says Xbox One's Future Lineup is "Incredible"

With the Xbox One launching worldwide today(!) early adopters of the platform will surely be looking for reassurance that their money will be well spent. Cue Phil Spencer's interview over at Polygon which will, hopefully, help Xbox One day one purchasers feel pretty good about their £400+ investment:

I'm spending all of my time now playing games that are 2014 titles!

I was in Europe last week visiting Lionhead, I was at Rare, PressPlay up in Copenhagen talking about and playing things that are going to come out in the next year, maybe a little later. The depth of the portfolio next year is pretty incredible.

I think back to the Xbox 360 launch, I don't think we really had those mega franchises that were landing in winter to spring that we're seeing out of third parties in that same timeframe for Xbox One. Rolling into the next holiday, we haven't announced everything that's coming yet, but that lineup from first party also looks strong.

I don't mind saying that on 360, I think we had a gap. We had our launch lineup... and a couple Japanese games, but in that first half of the following year, we were a little dry from a first-party standpoint. But I look at the next 18 to 24 months, and really on a month-by-month basis, you're going to have something you can go out and play.

I think people are going to be happy with the lineup that's coming. And I haven't even mentioned when Halo is coming or some of the big mega franchises!

It's hard to tell whether this is just posturing or genuine, and it's easy to be cynical and say he's probably just lying to help the Xbox One cause, but he did tease some exciting announcements at the Spike Video Game awards in a few weeks, so either way we'll find out soon.

Phil Spencer's a nice guy... Though he does look like he could destroy you with a single punch!

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