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Just Cause 2 Multiplayer To Be Steam Enabled Soon

I have a deep, profound love of Just Cause 2. It's a beautiful game, with a sense of scale like you've never seen (it basically takes place over a continent) and some of the best stupid shit to appear in a game in recent memory, it's an absolute fucking joy just as a single player game!

For one dedicated group of individuals though, they thought there was potential for more to be milked from the game, if only it weren't single player! But the developer had already finished the game and had no intention of adding in any kind of multiplayer mode, so they set about adding multiplayer to the game themselves. It's taken them a while (understandably!) But they're super close to finishing off the mod, even getting permission to make it readily available on Steam! All they need is one final, massive stress test, and so they're having a week long beta starting on December 7th.

If you've played Just Cause 2 before then you're probably already salivating at the thought of playing it multiplayer, and if you haven't, the game tends to go for about £2 in the Steam sales so there's NO excuse for not owning it and taking part. Seriously, get it any way you can and experience one of the most fun games ever made... With your mates!

Find your local beta start time here:

and get a Steam key for the beta here:

I can't wait! What an amazing Christmas present!

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