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Telltale Making New Games Based In 'Borderlands' and 'Game of Thrones' Universes

Over the weekend, the VGX awards happened. Taking over from the VGAs, the host channel Spike TV, decided to go with a more stripped down, bare bones style for this year... And it was dreadful. Horrendous script writing, pointless awards, woeful direction and the feeling that literally nobody wanted to be there. BUT, aside from all that nonsense, there were actual game announcements to be enjoyed! Most notably from Telltale.

Telltale, as I'm sure you know, are responsible for pretty much the best episodic adventure games ever made, most notably last year's Walking Dead, which received a whole heap of deserved honours. Well now they're expanding their list of properties worked on to include Borderlands and Game of Thrones.

The Borderlands game they're developing will be made in direct conjunction with Gearbox and will be called Tales From Borderlands. From what we can tell, it will be a series of one-off stories taking place on (I assume) Pandora, and involving characters from the series. As a big Borderlands fan, I'm excited! Any excuse to hear Tiny Tina again. The Game of Thrones game was only teased at the awards but we do know it will be based off the show, as opposed to the books. The decision is a direct mirror to the Walking Dead where the team decided to base their story in the universe of the comics, rather than the TV show. I find it super interesting seeing the heights Telltale are being catapulted to now, and quite fucking right! They more than earned it last year with Walking Dead, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they manage to maintain the quality they've been showing, and if Wolf Among Us is anything to go by, they won't disappoint.

Who are these mysterious figures? Will we EVER find out?!? Well yeah, next year actually. Sorry to ruin the mood.

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