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J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell Discussing Portal/Half-Life Movies and Game Ideas

This week in Las Vegas was the annual D.I.C.E. summit with a joint keynote being performed by J.J. Abrams (Mr. TrekWars himself!) and Gabe Newell (founder of Valve, but you knew that already). the two showed clips from Valve's games, J.J's movies, even some movies not made by J.J (Die Hard, for example) all the while discussing why these things were awesome and how awesome they were, basically shooting the shit. Apparently, the 2 have been in talks for quite some time, having these exact same conversations about what makes for awesome entertainment and what either guy would do if faced with the other's work.

The fact that Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams would get along isn't at all surprising, they're both basically geniuses in theor respective fields, the surprising thing is the length at which they've discussed things. I'll just quote this before I cum all over myself:

Newell: What we are actually doing here, we are recapitulating a series of conversations going on. We reached the point that we decided to do more than talk.

Abrams: There’s an idea we have for a game that we’d like to work with Valve on.

Newell: We’re super excited about that and we’re going to figure out if we can make a Portal movie or Half-Life movie together.

Nothing's set in stone here, obviously, but my god, could you imagine? Could you?!? EH?!?!?


This picture actually gives me a boner

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