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New Vaulthunter Coming To Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 (the best game of last year, according to me) isn't exactly short on content. Not only does the game contain dozens of hours of gameplay, 4 playable characters with multiple skill trees, trillions of guns and 3 substantial pieces of DLC already (not to mention the additonal playable character class they've already added) but Gearbox have announced a 6th character class is coming to the game. Announced at SXSW, the class is going to be meleee focused and is apparently an 'escaped experiment'. There's handheld camera footage of the brief trailer they showed, and it's not easy to make out what the new character will look like, but after the kinda underwhelming Mechromancer class they added on, I have high hopes this new class will deliver. Brick was a ton of fun in the original Borderlands, just running around punching things into oblivion, so I'm hoping this class will scratch the same itch! Always excited to have an excuse to play more Borderlands!

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