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Poor Sales Mean No Dead Space 4

Dead Space 4, which was in pre-production after Dead Space 3 was finished, has been cancelled by EA after Dead Space 3 suffered poor sales. Visceral Games, the series' developers, have also had to shut down their Montreal studio who was working on prototypes for an eventual Dead Space 4. Apparently Dead Space 3 was almost cancelled half way through its development and had its budget sliced multiple times, with the inclusion of universal ammo for microtransactioning coming late in the game's development. The game was received quite poorly, no thanks to its blatant cash-grab microtransactions, but still had some bright spots. It's a shame, but I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of Dead Space... Unfortunately.

If I was in imminent danger, I don't know that I could conjur up such a professional looking blood-font...

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