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EA=M(assive) C(unts) Squared

So EA, not content with being pretty much the most hated game publisher out there, made themselves even more hated yesterday (who'd have thought that were possible) when basically shitting all over one of its customers. The post came to light thanks to Reddit and depicts an EA Customer Service rep chatting with somebody who had bought the new Sim City on Origin. As everybody probably knows at this point, the game at launch was ever-so-slightly fucked, in that the game's servers were unable to even remotely handle the amount of users who were trying to connect to them, prompting upwards of a 30 minute wait to play the game (even if you wanted to play the game single player). One customer was, rightfully so, pissed off about this and requested a refund for the game, to which he was promptly denied and threatened with an account ban. Yep, you read that right, a BAN. This customer bought the game through EA's Origin, its own game selling service on PC. I would expect that they would treat a user who was loyal enough that they were willing to use their shitty Origin system would be treated with a degree of respect, but fuck no. Read the whole conversation below and beware whiplash from violently shaking your head at the sheer baffling stupidity of all of this. EA, really pushing for that EA>Hitler reputation they've become known for.

The mind biggles, why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot!?

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