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'Batman: Arkham Origins' Is A Thing That's Happening... On October 25th

Yep, a new Batman game is well on its way, and is being handled by a different studio than the previous 2. Taking place before the previous 2 Arkham games, but not an origin story for either Batman or Arkham Asylum (confusingly, considering the name). The game will tell the story of 1 night in Gotham in which 8 of the world's best assassin's all come to town to try and kill Batman. The game will feature such bad guys as Black Mask, The Penguin and Deathstroke and will take place in, for the first time, a Gotham city filled with citygoers going about their business. It all sounds pretty cool, but the real clincher is the game's director, Eric Holmes, whose previous game credits include the dumb but ace Incredible Hulk: Ultimate destruction. The kind of pedigree you want behind your open world superhero game. There are a handful of screenshots for the game that have been released via Game Informer, so have a look at the gallery below for what I think are the best ones.


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