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'Skyrim: Legendary Edition' Coming Out On June 7th

If you've held off on buying skyrim for 2 years, then not only do you have the patience of a saint, but also it's your lucky day! A mere month-and-a-half from now you'll be able to buy Skyrim complete with every patch, every extra and every piece of DLC included for a mere £40. One of the best games ever made, and well worth double that price based purely on value for money, this is a must-get if you didn't catch the game the first time. If you're worried that Bethesda will just go ahead and put out more content for the game after you get it, no worries there, because they've stop work on the game to create whatever their next project is. A complete package, and soon to be at a bargain price. Just get it, alright?

Can't wait to buy this sucker for myself!

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