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Public Service Announcement: REMINDER - NEW XBOX REVEAL TONIGHT AT 6PM (GMT)

I hope this isn't news to anyone, but Microsoft are going to be revealing their new Xbox 360 follow-up tonight at 6pm at a huge press conference in Seattle. There will be no shortage of streams on the internet at and at most of the various bigger game websites (Giantbomb will be my site of choice), and it's also being streamed on the Xbox Dashboard. I won't waste any space here talking about the rumoured features and announcements, but what I will say, is that it's best to get ready early. Get prepared for around 5:30pm, find a site you like that has a nice stable stream and set up camp. So often you wait until event time and then struggle to find a stream that runs well for you and before you know it you're 15 minutes behind and you've missed some important stuff. Treat it like the massive occasion it is and get there early. Thus concludes your friendly reminder. It's a big day folks so just sit back and enjoy it, we really don't get many of these!

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