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Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Review


The game looks miles better than previous iterations

The Lego series only really has one flaw: They pump out so many games that they must all be garbage, right?... Well, no. I enjoy Lego games immensely! Probably because they're based on my most highly beloved franchises ever. They not only re-tell the best stories from my childhood, but also invoke a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity, making the whole experience super fun.

Ofcourse, I can't deny that Lego games were in a bit of a rut, with the first few Star Wars and Indiana Jones iterations basically being the same game reskinned, but I genuinely believe that what I've played in Lego Star Wars III makes me excited about Lego games again. I wanna see Lego Lord Of The rings, Lego Back To The Future, hell, I'd even take Lego Alien! But why? Aren't Lego games incredibly simplistic and easy? Haven't they been basically the same for years now? Aren't you sick of them?!? The answer to all these questions is no.

The first thing that hits you about Lego Star Wars III is the graphics. They look MUCH better than the older games, even incorporating creatures not made out of Lego into the mix. The second thing that hits you (as it happens in the first level) is the sheer amount of enemies they can get in screen now! This really lets them open things up later as they introduce more and more mechanics based around this simple jump in technology. Thirdly, they keep to what made the previous Lego games so good for children (and big children like me) and that's the sheer amount of STUFF. The hub area is absolutely enormous. I reached a rather baffling moment about 12 hours in where I suddenly realised the huge hub I was in was only actually about half of it's actual size. A kid is gonna go NUTS when they figure that out for themselves.

See, epic right?!?

Part of the conceipt for the Clone Wars storyline is the war being fought between the Droids of the Republic, and the Clone Troopers of the Alliance (Star Warsy stuff). It factors into the story of the Star Wars universe pretty heavily so you wanna see it being portrayed in as epic a way as possible, and LEgo star wars III delivers! As I said earlier they've figured out a way of fitting (what seems like) hundreds of characters on screen at a time, and this comes into full effect with the ground battles, basically a "My-First-RTS" where you pick which type of units you want to make and try to gather up money to invest is better troops or bigger vehicles. There's some strategy involved but mostly I just liked to make as many crazy units be on the battlefield as possible, just to complete the epic "war" look.

The game still features the trademark hundreds of unlockable characters and vehicles with loads of collectibles to find and heaps of extra missions piled on on top, it can seem like alot to take in but if you wanna save money by buying your kid a game that'll last them a while, this'll do nicely! I myself played the game for about 20 hours and am roughly 50% of the way through, so a kid should take twice that long. That's a lot of game for your money! and, more importantly, a lot of your kid keeping quiet.

So if you want some peace and quiet, but don't mind losing control of the TV for a few weeks, then by all means, treat your kid... but don't expect to get too much out of the game yourself.




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