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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 80 - Oh Riley?

Don has been taking another trip through the world of celebrity this week, this time managing to get his little hands on Countdown and the Gadget Show's Rachel Riley!

But nevermind that, you're here. We're here. Let's talk about some video games, shall we?

We've got all your news for the week, so if you've missed any of the big stories to hit in the past 7 days then we've got your back. We've got news of a new Star Wars limited edition of the PS4; the status of the Resident Evil 2 fan remake; GTAV's video editor coming to consoles; news of some new titles coming to your smart phone; and Don's got all the Destiny news that nobody asked for.

For a feature this week we're on an unfortunate trip to the Jobcentre to identify the jobs formerly held by video game characters that we think we'd do pretty well at, as well as trying to figure out who had the job before us.

Then in What Have We Been Playing we've got Battlefield: Hardline; Zombi; Borderlands the Pre Sequel; Fallout Shelter and probably a bit of Destiny from a mystery member of the podcast.

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 80 - Oh Riley?

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