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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 82 - The Phantom Podcast

After a 2 week hiatus we have returned to inform and intrigue you once again. Don has returned from his holiday in sunny Spain, Gareth is once again jobless, and Rob is incredibly tired. It's just like old times!

In News this week we comb through the last fortnight's biggest stories to tell you about. Stories like GAME charging people upto 7 times for a single copy of Mario Maker; Lionsgate setting out to produce films set in the Borderlands universe; the end of Club Nintendo; Mortal Kombat X and Fallout 4 DLC news; and even more!!! There's even a Destiny update from Don as patch 2.0 hits, oh, and your weekly allotment of hot and spicy Goss Ip, ofcourse.

This week, in response to an email, we dedicate an entire feature to one game, and one game only: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Gareth and Rob will dive headfirst into Big Boss' final adventure and see how their experiences with the game have compared, but will they both like it, or will a fight break out live on air?! Only one way to find out.

And finally, we wrap the episode up the same way we always do, by telling you what we've been playing. Spoilers though... It's Metal Gear Solid V. We've been playing Metal Gear Solid V.

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(Right-click the file and select "Save as" to download it, or left-click to listen in your browser)

Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 82 - The Phantom Podcast

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