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Daily News - 24th March 2012 - 'Arcade Next' XBLA Promotion, Notch's Next Game, Prey 2 In Trouble?... And More!

Microsoft's Next Xbox Liva Arcade Promotion Announced

In honour of the XBLA upgrade that will allow Arcade games to have double the achievements, Microsoft is having themselves another of their awesome promotions. This one will be called "Arcade Next" and contains what I would call some hotly anticipated games...

  • Trials Evolution - 18th April - 1200 Microsoft Points
  • Bloodforge - 25th April - 1200 Microsoft Points
  • Fable Heroes - 2nd May - 800 Microsoft Points
  • Minecraft - 8th May - 1600 Microsoft Points

Between Trials Evolution and Minecraft Microsoft have guaranteed atleast about £20 of my money. Well played Microsoft... well played.

I am SO pumped to play Trials Evolution it's ridiculous



Notch Has Started Work On His Next Game

The Minecraft creator may be a multi-millionaire now, but still wants to keep on making games. It seems like now he's got his pockets well and truly filled, he can start doing things to just live out his fantasies, for all our benefits. First he asks Tim Schafer if he can fund Psychonauts 2, and now he's started work on a game that will combine Elite with Firefly, to form a space-based sandbox trading sim with Firefly-style crew interactions and on-board fun.

"I want the space game that's more like Firefly. I want to run around on my ship and have to put out a fire. Like, oh crap, the cooling system failed, I have to put out the fire here.

The goal is to do it the same way I did Minecraft. Just basically have me work on it for a while, and then we'll add people as needed, and try to charge as soon as possible, because it's probably going to be open ended sandbox game as well, so it doesn't need to be completed before people can play it."

I'll be honest, I can't think of a better thing to base a game off than firefly. I am so ready for a game like this I can't wait.

I doubt it will share Minecraft's art style, but if it did I could live with that



Prey 2 May Be No More

One of the surprises at this years E3 was Prey 2. The game, based off a linear FPS that came out in 2006, was going to put the player in the body of a human bounty hunter on an alien planet, in an open-world setting and was noted by almost everyone as looking incredibly interesting, especially considering the average reception the original Prey got, which makes it all the more saddening to hear rumours that the game has been scrapped. The rumour begun after the developer Human Head Studios cancelled 3 scheduled conferences at this year's GDC with no explanation, that news coupled with there being no new info regarding the game surfacing for a very long time points to disaster. Here's hoping it all works out fine, the game had real promise.

Space bounty hunter game neeeeeeeeeeeeeds to be a thing!


And Finally...

Battlefield 3 Patch Coming March 27th

'Rent-a-server', PS3 anti-aliasing switch and tonnes of balancing issues in a massive patch.

Resident Evil Games To stay 'Actiony'

RE: Revelations producer says the series needs to stick with the action-orientated direction.

Angry Birds: Space Sells Predictably Well

The game overtook Draw Something to become number 1 on the app store in record time.

Dota 2 Beta Shows Microtransactions Are Coming

The beta's latest patch contains clues towards a Team Fortress 2 style cosmetic item store.

GameBanter Podcast Premiere... Incase You Didn't Notice

So I totally posted a podcast regarding the ending of Mass Effect 3, go check it out!

Google searched "battlefield zombies angry birds dota". Found this. Not a clue.



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