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Fallout Television Show May Be In The Works

Remember a few days ago, when that ThreeDog voice actor guy tweeted his character would be back? Well it now looks as if, thanks to a user on Bethesda's forums, that may be for a TV show and not a Fallout 4, as would otherwise make sense. The trademark filing protects the name 'Fallout' from being used by anybody else but Bethesda for "Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world." It makes much more sense to incorporate TheeDog into a television series based around Fallout 3 than to just shove him into Fallout 4 and hope nobody cares. This is by no means a sure thing, but combine TheeDog getting new lines and this recent trademarking and we've definitely got grounds to begin assuming things. Oh so many things. Assume all the things.

Okay, you know what. I'm looking at this screenshot, and I would TOTALLY watch that shit if it was on TV!

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