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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 49 - The Punultimate

We're one week away from our 1 year anniversary, and from our special guest, Digitiser writer Mr. Biffo appearing on the podcast! And be sure to listen until the end of the show for your opportunity to send in questions for Mr. Biffo and win prizes for doing it!

Elsewhere on the podcast, it's puns aplenty as Don and Gareth's names are both turned into what are sure to be popular, recurring segments. We cover the PSN/Xbox Live outages that occurred over Christmas; Banjo Kazooie's possible return; Awesome Games Done Quick's huge accomplishment for charity; and GTA V for the PC getting delayed, amongst a bunch of other news!

Then we make some bold predictions about 2015. New games, botched releases, new consoles?! What do we think is in store for us over the next 12 months? You'll have to listen to find out!

It's the final episode before we start our second year, we've got prizes to give away and all the gaming content you could possibly want, so enjoy!

(Right-click the file and select "Save as" to download it, or left-click to listen in your browser)

Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 49 - The Punultimate

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