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Daily News - 8th and 9th April 2011

New Twisted Metal Game Out October 4th

The original Twisted Metal definitely had it's fans, but it was a PS1 game when I didn't have a PS1, so my experience with it is non-existent. Still, a new game from a series you like getting a solid release is always good cause for happiness. Oh, and a trailer too!

Why Is The Special Edition Of Dirt 3 $300???

Well, this is why

It comes with an actual, professional RC car. Yeah, how fucked up is that!

Gamestop Selling Games Over Facebook In America

American chain Gamestop, not content with having a website of their own visited by millions every day, have now decided that instead of simply typing their URL into your browser, now you can go to Facebook, and find a Gamespot page with hardly anything on there for you to buy! To be fair, I see where they're coming from, and it might actually be kind of cool if it serves as a kind od early-warning system for sales, but the whole thing seems like just a way of trying to milk more money from people. No clicking the "Like" button for me!

Battlefield 3. Looks. Incredible

Not that I need a reason to look at screenshots of Battlefield 3, but Kotaku posted a gallery of new concept art and screens for the game. It looks fantastic in the shots, and I hear in motion the game is damn near mindblowing.


Daily News - 7th April 2011

Mass Effect Anime Coming In 2012

I love Mass Effect. I love good animated films. Hey guess what, those 2 things just had sex. Hey guess what, their babie's due in 2012. Hey guess what, I just pooed myself. In excitement. FUNimation Animated Feature Film Based On Mass Effect coming in 2012... incase I wasn't clear.

Mortal Kombat Internet Mini-series Starts Next Week

Incase you missed it the first time round, the original incarnation of this was a one-off proof of concept, made to show how awesome an original take on Mortal Kombat could be. Needless to say it exploded the internet and now, almost a year later, we get the actual series. This is exciting for 2 reasons: It's a version of the Mortal Kombat that's never even been dreamed before, and because it's a series with a video game as the basis that isn't going to be a massive pile of garbage. The original short that inspired the new series is below.

Japanese Earthquake Actually Kinda Maybe WON'T Delay The NGP...

Apparently Jack Tretton's quotes from earlier in the week didn't sit well with the big players at Sony, who today said "So far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plan" and flat out said Tretton's statement 3 days ago was completely wrong. So there you go, definitive end to the speculation. NGP won't be delayed for sure. *Cough* Yes... absolutely no way a game console's launch can get delayed...


Daily News - 5th and 6th April 2011

PS3 Hackers Go After The Execs

In what I can only describe as petty bullying, those PS3 hackers from the other day have seemingly abandoned protesting constructively, and have instead decided to go after the personal details of various Sony executives. Now I'm all for fighting "The Man", but when you choose to do that by revealing his "marital status, age, place of address, education and even whether he has children" then you lose my vote. Not on.

Happy 15th Birthday Resident Evil! For Your Birthday, I Got You This Lockpick...

Hooray! Resident Evil is 15 years old! Well, maybe not exactly 15, I mean, I don't know if this is the exact date... look, they released this trailer. It's got Resident Evil in it!


The Sun Hates The 3DS

"Popular" UK newspaper The Sun has, for some reason, decided it hates the 3DS. Do they hate fun? Are they just trying to be controversial? Are they the Sith? At this stage I'm not prepared to rule any of these options out. According to The Sun the 3DS will increase your blood pressure and pulse, maybe even "damage circulation". You can find the full, ridiculous story below. If the "science" doesn't convince, that weirdos crossed eyes will!

Nintendo 3DS is game for a barf

Update: Just found this video, sums the situation up pretty well


The Future Home Of Daily News - 5th AND 6th April 2011!

So I totally stayed up until 3am last night watching Wrestlemania, and now I'm at work, so double news post later today. Sorry about that guys, but Wrestlemania waits for no man!


Daily News - 4th April 2011 (For Reals!)


So I realised that the date I've been putting on the news is wrong... which is just great, I'm sure you'll agree. However, in the interest of making this thing look semi-professional, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to make it the actual date the news is from. Sorry everyone, I've let you down...

Anyway! News!

Sony's NGP Likely To Be Delayed Due To Last Month's Earthquake

The next handheld from Sony is looking to be delayed, thanks in no small part to the devastating earthquake that rocked Japan last month. Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment America's President reiterated that Sony had only ever promised the NGP would make it's debut "at the end of the year 2011", also saying that it's likely it will launch in "just one market by the end of the year.".

For all you guys wanting one, something tells me it'll be worth the waitPlaystation Network Hacked? Signs Point To "Probably?"...

Mere hours after Anonymous (A large hacker community) threatened to destroy Playstation Network for suing a fellow hacker, the service suffered many unexpected failuers, prompting Sony to do heaps of "maintenance" to the service. Meanwhile, official Sony websites were either running incredibly slowly, or inaccesible all together. The service was resumed eventually but (to my knowledge atleast) Sony have yet to say outright that their services were attacked.

Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon Is Shaping Up Nicely

Now for something ever-so-slightly more light hearted. One of my favourite games ever is getting a sequel later this year! Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon (The sequel to the sublime cult classic Earth Defence Force 2017) looks to be coming along just fine with today's new batch of screens as shown on the Official Playstation Blog (when it wasn't getting hacked to buggery). Basically it's giving you more of what you want. More weapons, more bugs to nuke and more fun ways to do it. I fully expect this game to be nothing short of perfection, so naturally it will be. That's how the world works, right?.... Right?!?

SHOOT IT'S FUCKING MOUTH OFF!!!Spiderman: Edge Of Time Trailer And Screenshots Full Of Promise/Potential Disappointment

From one game that'll be so bad it's good, to one with alot of genuine promise. Spiderman: Edge Of Time is based around the Spiderman 2099 and Amazing Spiderman universes. The basic idea is that events that happen in the Amazing Spiderman sections will affect the Spiderman 2099 sections occurring in the future. The conceipt of the game sounds pretty awesome, and the trailer and screenshots posted today certainly support the awesomeness, I'm just wary. Spiderman games, you've hurt me before!

Epic, right?!?


Daily News - 4th April 2011

Just realised that this is only for April 4th because I'm posting it after midnight. So that needs sorting out!

"Burnout: Crash" Accidentally Listed in Oz

Seems that Australia's Classification Board may have let a cat out of a bag by rating a game by the name of Burnout Crash as a PG in Australia. While the game hasn't been formally announced by EA yet, it has been a while since Burnout: Paradise made them quite a bit of money, so the timing checks out. I for one wouldn't say no to another Burnout game, let alone one with a focus on crashing... Mostly because when I play Burnout, the crashes are constant anyway.

When I play Burnout this is my default view

Wait, That's It?....

More or less yeah. Sundays are usually pretty slow news days, although one final cool thing for all you fellow 3DS owners out there. Kotaku brought this to my attention, it's screenshots from other games, that have been modified to be viewed in 3D using the 3DS's 3D screen. You can read the Kotaku article below for more information but for now, I need sleep!

Kotaku - This Left 4 Dead Screen Looks Awesome on the 3DS


Daily News - 3rd April 2011

Back To The Future - Episode 1 for free!

By far the coolest news of the day is that the first episode of Telltale's Back To The Future adventure game is now completely free. I'll admit I haven't played it yet (because my PC is a 4 year old pile of... stuff) but Giant Bomb's Quick Look has me more than convinced that it's worth ZERO POUNDS atleast!

If you wanna take advantage of the deal, then head to

"Your kids Marty! Something's gotta be done about your kids!"April Fool's Day!

Obviously, the 1st of April was April Fool's day and, obviously, the internet went wild. I'm not gonna sit here and list the best of the gaming industries April Fools day jokes... mainly because it's already been done, but what I will do is draw attention to by far my favourite. Destructoid decided to go simple but ingenious by going hand-drawn for a day. Follow the link below to see the awesomeness for yourself, hopefully the link will stay active for a while, because it deserves to be seen for, frankly, years to come.

Destructoid Goes Hand-Drawn

Skyrim Screens

Today (Or yesterday, depending on where you live) Bethesda released a few screenshots for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I'm sure you can find them for yourself with minimal Google searching but needless to say, they're damn pretty!

Sooooooooooo Pretty!

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